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Pathways and Transitions @ Bathgate Academy

Bathgate Academy wishes to support all our young people move into a positive and sustained destination from school.

To achieve this, we need to raise the awareness of the options and many different pathways that are available for pupils, parents and staff.

It is important to view the BGE (S1 - S3) and the Senior Phase (S4 - S6) as a 3-year experience rather than a single year-on-year approach.

Bathgate Academy has a number of successful transition programmes which we build upon each year to ensure all our young people move onto a job, training opportunity, college course or university place when they leave us. 

This website highlights the various transition opportunities that our pupils can/will experience, the subjects and curriculum courses available to them and will also illustrate the pathways taken by some of our pupils through their time at Bathgate Academy.